ARMember Demos

Front-end Demos for ARMember
Membership WordPress Plugin

This is Front-end Demo of ARMember Plugin. Try our demo first to get
practical idea about features of this plugin.


Successfully Used by Multidimensional Businesses

We offer endless features for all types of membership businesses.


Business Consulting Services

Offer your hours within specific plans, offer step-by-step sessions or build a training services platform.

Creative Industry Sites

Sell podcasts, graphic designs, templates or any digital content using custom membership plans.

Online Courses and Tutoring

Sell complete online courses, individual lessons, or ongoing serial content.

Corporate Training & Networking

Offer free or paid training services to your staff, engage them with multiple gamification elements.

Membership Communities

Create services to connect people and communities in one place – whether it’s your company or hobby.

Premium Content/News Platforms

Build your next Medium-like platform and monetize it by allowing readers to subscribe to your content.

Login/SignUp Forms Templates

ARMember has advanced form builder to create stylish and captcha free forms for SignUp/Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Change Password, etc. 

Predefine Form Templates
Readymade 10-12 color palette
Two-Factor Authentication

Multiple Plan Listing Styles

ARMember provides various skin options for membership setup. Different kind of skin layouts are available with  different heading, different background, dropdown format etc.

Multiple Member Directory Selection

Enjoy ready-made stylish member profile and directory templates you can edit the way you need! Add custom signup fields, apply the needed styling.

Public Member Profiles

Real peer-to-peer engagement is guaranteed with the public profile templates for your members. Photos, social media links, bio, contact details, and more to arouse their curiosity!


Membership Card Templates

ARMember allows to display different membership card template to different plan users also you can create membership card templates as many as you want and can customize each template as per your requirement.

25+ Supported Payment Gateways

ARMember offers wide range of payment gateways integration which gives flexibility to your customers how they want to pay for their membership

Easily Deal with Content Restriction Rules

Restrict and protect your content with numerous rules for individual pages, categories, URLs, or any content area of your choice.


Restrict Pages/Post/Custom Post

Build any content, make it accessible by a specific URL – and easily restrict those URLs. The ARMember WordPress membership plugin gives you this opportunity out of the box.

Partially Restrict Content

Want to restrict content in a more tailored way? We give you handy shortcodes for this – just paste them into the required pages and the chosen content will be accessible to the applicable membership plans, logged-in or guest users, etc.


Charge Per Post

You can charge your members for specific content pages, which is a great method to upsell extra content or give users access to the only content they are looking for.

Restrict Specific Pages/URLs

Build any content, make it accessible by a specific URL – and easily restrict those URLs. The ARMember WordPress membership plugin gives you this opportunity out of the box.


User-wise Private Content

Facility to display custom content per user on specific Post/page. You can add User-wise private content easily.